Tired of looking for mistakes in your contracts? Donna has your back.

Donna is your AI-powered executive assistant. She proofreads your contracts so that you can deliver quality work and focus on being an amazing lawyer.

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Fix hard-to-find issues
with ease

Donna checks for hundreds of potential issues. She also check that quotes, numbering and styling is consistent.


Donna checks all references in your document to see that they refer to the sections you meant.

Defined Terms

Donna checks your contract for terms that have not been defined, have been defined multiple times, and places where you forgot to use the defined term.

Grammar, Numbering, Styling, Ambiguities, and much more...

We're constantly improving Donna's algorithms to make sure that the contracts you built are of the highest quality.

  • “In her simplicity, Donna solves one of my biggest headaches. Every great lawyer deserves their own Donna.”
    Global IP Lawyer - EY Law

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Donna for your entire Firm

We offer a tailored version of Donna for all lawyers within your firm.

Donna will bring consistency across lawyers, automatically learn template clauses, share best-practices and increase overall quality.

All without manual input. All within your firewall.

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