Hi, I'm Donna

Your AI powered legal assistant. I proofread your contracts, so you can focus on being an awesome lawyer!


Donna™ catches mistakes in your contracts before they become an issue.

Writing and collaborating on contracts is not a straighforward process:

Paragraphs are moved around, the client requests a new clause or your colleague makes an adjustment without tracking changes.

Donna catches these mistakes so that you can write better contracts in less time.

Easy to use and fast!

Donna™ proofreads your contracts faster than any other legal assistant and helps you achieve a consistent professional appearance. And the process is remarkably simple:

  1. 1

    Use your favourite software

    Write your contract like you normally would, using any version of Microsoft Office® on both Windows and Mac.

  2. 2

    Drag & Drop in Donna™

    Simply drag & drop the contract in the Donna™ app to have them proofread.

  3. 3

    Get fast feedback

    Donna™ beats the performance of your best colleague by far. Within a few seconds the feedback is concisely displayed within the app.

Start using Donna™ for free

To get started, simply download the Donna™ app. Have your contracts proofread with just a few clicks!